Observation Deck


The observation deck located on the third floor is not only the highest point of Peak Galleria, but also one of the highest points in Hong Kong. Looking at the world-renowned Victoria Harbour from a bird’s eye view, you get the feeling of standing on the top of the world. The spectacular scenery varies in its own unique and captivating ways from morning to night and through different seasons. Explore a myriad of possibilities throughout the year while marvelling at the spectacular view of Hong Kong. 


Victoria Peak Garden


After enjoying the panoramic scenery on the observation deck, make your visit more fulfilling and memorable by taking a stroll down to Victoria Peak Gardens. Compared to the densely-packed Peak, the park has relatively fewer people, creating a relaxing ambience. There are Victorian-style pagodas and wooden picnic tables in the verdant space, making it the perfect spot to enjoy quality time with family and friends.


Hiking Trail

The trail circling the Peak is perfect for joggers who would love a quick getaway from the buzz of the city. The trail is well-paved without deviations, so simply walk on the lane until you reach your starting point again. Take in the sweet fresh air and snapshots of the excellent unobstructed view of Hong Kong as you walk along.